Chicago Parent Magazine
The upbeat songs from these beliefs encourage children to "move with the music," "wiggle 'til you start to giggle," and "have a super time when you try to make a rhyme."

Bernard J. Dobroski, Ph.D.
Professor of Music Education
Northwestern University School of Music
An extremely well-planned and cleverly presented series of creative musical episodes for young listeners. Every melody and lyric is carefully conceived to stimulate creative and thoughtful response and participation."  

Jody Stone, M. Ed.
Elementary School Teacher
Los Angeles, California
"My students can't get enough of these songs, and I love hearing my students walk down the halls singing about calcium and good nutrition!  
Please.....write more!"

Alicerose Barman, M.A.
Child Development Consultant
"Right on the dot...touches on important areas of children's feeling and will be pure 
fun for them....I recommend it highly."

William Boyd, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor of Education
Pennsylvania State University
"A valuable fresh and fun-filled educational experience for children.  Musically superb, stimulating and enriching to every age listener.  It's natural in facilitating the quality shared time that parents are looking for."

Dena Goodman, Age 3
"Mommy, I want to hear it again!!!"

Cheryl Frazes Hill, Ph.D.+
Associate Conductor Chicago Symphony Chorus
Professor, Roosevelt University
"The Music is Magic Series is delicious....a treasure on a rainy day or in the car!  With so many albums presenting the same age-old songs, these songs get an A+ for originality, as well as educational and musical merit!"

Rachel Donoho, M.S.
Pre-School Director, Seattle Washington
"...a terrific aid in my classrooms....Opposites and Rhymes were a cinch to teach!  Thank you, Peggy and Jill!"

Dr. James A.  Standifer, Professor of Music Education
University of Michigan
"Clever, practical, and imaginative.  Highly interesting texts and melodies.  Musically intelligent and creative throughout......

Margie Morrison, M.S.W., Child Psychiatry Clinic
University of Chicago Medical Center
"Provides a terrific forum for both positive and negative emotions to be articulated, as well as the therapeutically reassuring notion that a child is not alone in experiencing those feelings everybody does!"

Chicago Sun-Times
"...Like a mini-Broadway show devoted to the concerns of 
youngsters...Youngsters tend to be captivated...."

"A way to have fun with the fringe benefit of knowledge going through music."

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