Learn about:  Colors, Rhymes, Opposites, Body Parts, Feelings, Sharing, Thunderstorms, Wiggling your body parts, Zoo animals and lots of other good/fun stuff!

Fill in the blanks for:

COLORS:   Like the snow so crisp and cold
                   Like the clouds so big and bold
                  Marshmallows so soft and light
                 YOU should know the color is ______     
                    Yes, we know the color is WHITE!   

                                                        LISTEN: Colors

        (all of the primary colors are introduced)

SHARING:   I like to share, I like to share
                   It's a nice way to show you care
                   When you can share a toy from your shelf
                   You're also giving a bit of yourself.
Full orchestration with live band and chorus of neighborhood children, ages 4-10.
Songbook available with musical notation and chords in keys appropriate for children's voices.

Suggestions for teachers, parents and also How to make Homemade Rhythm Instruments for the 
I Love to March song.  

          LISTEN: I Love to March
***SAMPLE PAGE from Songbook
Children love to sing along with the THE MUSIC IS MAGIC SERIES because the music and lyrics are all original and recorded using authentic children's voices with various accompaniment styles (e.g., full orchestra, band, guitar, recorders and synthesizer).
  Children's  Chorus
OPPOSITES:   Oh, opposites are different as can be,
                      Like I cannot be you, you can't be me!
                      So if you sing a little bit, bit, bit  
                      You'll learn about an opposite!

       Verse 1. If something isn't dark it's __
                    If something isn't loose it must be                                  (tight)
                  And if it isn't in the day it must be in the                         (night)

                           (7 more verses of opposites)
Learn about:  Good Nutrition, Museums, the Bathroom, Dignity, Smiling, Playgrounds, Cleaning Up, Feelings we all have and much more.

Sample of the some of the lyrics:

GOOD NUTRITION:   I used to think, the foods you ate, they really didn't matter,
So I kept eating lots of junk, and just kept getting fatter.
Potato chips and pop and cake won't make you big and strong,
So now when it is time to eat I'll always sing this song......

     I eat my vegetables, they're so digestible!
     I eat the fruits I should because they're sweet and good.
    You'll find yourself in fine condition...If you pay attention to good nutrition!

(3 more verses to include protein, calcium, whole grains, and more....)

THE BATHROOM SONG:  Everybody needs a bathroom song,
                                                 So come with me and sing along,
                                           We're going to the bathroom don't you know,
                                                To get you clean from head to toe!

Now it is time to brush your teeth, Brush on top and underneath!
Healthy teeth are sure to please,
So keep away those yukky cavities!

(4 more verses to include the bathtub, toilet and more.......)

DIGNITY:   Do you ever find that sometimes things don't turn out fair?
What do you do when those around you just don't seem to care?
...............If you want to cope, don't sit and mope....
         that won't help you be strong.

So stand up tall and life your chin and feel the strenth that lies within to show the world who you can be.
For when you smile from deep inside you'll sparkle with a sense of pride....
And that's what we call Dignity!

The musical styles of this Album are more sophisticated than Music is Magic.  There is Jazz and vocal harmony with a broader spectrum of instrumentation and vocal ranges.  It truly is ........
A Musical Happening for the Entire Family.

LISTEN: Museum Rock
Learn about Museums:
Aquariums, History, Planetarium, Art and more..........

Listen to Museum Rock